The moment you turn on the IoT air sterilizer, it becomes a safe virus zone.AIR STERILIZER & OXYGEN GENERATOR

We provide the best services in the industry based on creative thinking.

Shinah Electronics pursues a company with a good working atmosphere that offers full satisfaction to customers.

While focusing on developing and producing air cleaners, Shinah Electronics continually invested in anion air cleaners to build a system for development and production. As a result, we are now manufacturing and selling various air cleaners and oxygen generators.

By releasing our unique anion air cleaners and forming close, strategic partnerships, we have stabilized our air cleaner business and will further expand the business area by developing various applied products.

We always try to engage in reasonable and transparent management, aiming to grow mutually with customers in the coming future. Our goal is to become a leader in the field of air cleaners and oxygen generators.

Company Introduction

IoT Care Service

IoT technologies allow customers to easily check
indoor air quality and operate products at any time and place.

Checking How to Use App

Our IoT air sterilizer has been reborn.

This air sterilizer has a sterilization system divided into 11 steps to make a pleasant indoor environment.
The sterilizer shows powerful sterilizing effects using basic compound filters, photocatalytic filters, and UV-C and UV-A lamps.

“Specifications differ among products. Check the product details page.”

Clean Sterilization Spreading in Three Directions

Using UV-A and UV-C lamps inevitably results in increased ozone emissions,
but we have applied a special inverter that lowers the ozone level to 0.0028 PPM,
which is much less than the Korean standard ozone concentration of 0.05 PPM.

Choose a product that suits your living style.

AIROIN air cleaners are designed to cope with diverse environments,
transforming them into pleasant environments.

SA-16001/SA-16001 OXY
SA-9500 PRO
SA-9500 (Blue)
Oxypharm Oxygen Generator
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: Oxygen Generating Air Cleaner

SA-16000 Series

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Air & Oxygen Care

Easiest way to improve your life quality

Oxygen Generating Air Purifier

We redesign air cleaners.
Air cleaner and oxygen generator

Key Features

AIROIN products have various features.

Slim and modern design with movable wheels
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PM 2.5 sensor
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Checking the time to replace filters based on the remaining service life
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