Oxygen Generating Air Purifier (Unibody) SA-9500 PRO

Capture all the key parts in Air Purifier.

Robust air purification is the basic,
it has color change function to indicate the sensor response to ultra fine dust.
Now meet the Air Purifier, the easiest to use in the world.

HEPA system is the very basic,
now equipped with 9-step filter system to purify one more time with powerful UV

Model name SA-16001
product size 390 x 330 x 710 mm
consumption power AC 220V60Hz 30W(Option : When activating oxygen generator 90W)
purification method Free filter, carbon filter, HEPA filter, allergen filter, 4-layer photocatalyst filter, UV ray
oxygen purity 30%
oxygen flow 2 LPM
oxygen generation method Membrane system
filter change melody display to automatically show remaining filter life
Fan Speed 자동, 수동, 터보, H, M, L, 터보, 취침
fine dust sensor PM 2.5 sensor, real-time sensing
gas sensor indoor pollutant detection
Timer  1, 2, 3, ~ 10시간
UV function UV ray
button Key touch-based operation
LOCK function button lock-in (lock-out)
exterior ABS
weight 17 kg
※ The image above may slightly differ from the actual product and there might be moderate changes in specification for functional improvement without prior notice.